Do Good Quality Ingredients Make A Difference?

It’s a question I get asked a lot, do good quality ingredients make a difference? the simple answer is yes, but saying that if its homemade regardless of the ingredients you use, it will always be far better than shop bought and mass produced. Firstly, you will know what is in your homemade cakes, they […] Read more…


All Butter Shortbread

This week’s bake in our ‘baking with kids’ series is All Butter Shortbread. It is a firm favourite with our family and also makes a great gift. All Butter Shortbread uses just 3 ingredients so it’s perfect when baking supplies are hard to get at the moment. This recipe is for a plain all butter […] Read more…


Baking Q & A

I recently took part in a baking questions and answers feature with BBC Radio Solent, and was inundated with questions, unfortunately during the live show there just wasn’t enough time to answer all your questions, so I’ve answered as many as I can here. Q – I never seem to have much luck with a […] Read more…