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Neptune Bournemouth

      I am delighted to announce that on 17th August I will be joining the Neptune store in Bournemouth to host a pop up cake shop. You are invited to come along and sample some of my cakes and take the chance to swoon over the gorgeous collections at Neptune.  I will be […] Read more…


A Clean Home Is A Happy Home

Let’s face it cleaning is dull and I for one could think of a thousand other things i’d rather be doing but that being said I am a self confessed (typed self confused then which actually is probably more apt) neat freak, I can’t sit down to relax at night if i’m looking at mess […] Read more…

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A Kitchen of Dreams

For those of you who follow my blog or instagram stories, you will know how much time I spend in my kitchen, and it’s taken many years to get it just how it works well for me and that really is the key, I stopped looking at other peoples kitchens in envy as what you […] Read more…