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Ultimate Chocolate Brownies

The next recipe in my Baking with Kids series is ultimate chocolate brownies which are perfect for the week after Easter. If your house is like mine, it’s full of Easter eggs and chocolate, so in this recipe you can use some of the eggs crushed or add things like mini eggs. Brownies are quite […] Read more…


Chocolate Brownies

Chocolate brownies, what is not to love about them? I’m sharing my signature recipe with you just because they are far too delicious to keep to myself and also because I needed to make a batch to photograph for the blog and of course test, being a cake maker is a tough job but someone […] Read more…

Chocolate Drippy Wedding Cake

Chocolate Drippy Wedding Cake

What’s not to love about this quirky Wedding Cake, all of our favourite treats in one cake. Our Chocolate Drippy Wedding Cake was created for a couple getting married at the Skylark Golf & Country Club, the cake flavours were zesty lemon, salted caramel and rich chocolate, which were all encased in a Belgian chocolate […] Read more…