Cutting The Cake

The cutting of the wedding cake is up there with some of the most key moments of your wedding day, alongside the first dance and throwing of the bouquet, but what does it symbolise? The cutting of the cake goes back as a tradition to Roman & Medieval times, originally it was based around beliefs […] Read more…


Turning 21

  Well today is a momentous day, we see our twins, our baby boys turn 21. In any family that is a celebration but for us it’s a milestone we never ever expected to reach. I wanted to share our journey with you as I know speaking out can help so many parents going through […] Read more…

Sticker - Cakes by Sadie Smith


Cake by Sadie Smith is an award winning luxury cake design company with an established food & lifestyle blog. I have a strong following on my social media accounts with over 13000 engaged accounts between facebook, twitter and instagram.  I am also out there in the community face to face, involved and speaking to people […] Read more…