I absolutely love this recipe for sugar cookies as it holds quite sentimental meaning to me, it was given to me by my son Jake who was 11 at the time, for one of his school cookery lessons.

Cupcake Favour Cookie

Iced cookies are a great way to get the kids cooking and fit so many occasions from weddings, parties or lunch box treats.

gabby biscuits


The general rule I follow with baking is margarine is for cakes and butter for biscuits, A biscuit made with margarine has the worse taste so butter all the way.

Anyway where were we? ah yes sugar cookies and a recipe that came from school which I actually liked although I couldn’t help myself and have tweaked it a little bit.

Charity Cookies


  • 175g Plain flour
  • 110g Soft salted butter
  • 75g Sugar
  • Pinch of mixed spice
  • 2 Teaspoons icing sugar
  • A pack of fondant icing


  • Preheat oven to 180c
  • Place the flour, sugar, butter and mixed spice in a bowl and mix well until a dough is formed
  • Roll out about 5mm thick, then using shaped cutters stamp out the cookie
  • Place on a non stick baking tray
  • Cook for 8-10 minutes, when cooked remove and cool on a wire rack
  • Once cooled mix the icing sugar with a drop of water until you get a paste
  • Roll out the fondant on a board or work surface sprinkled with icing sugar then using the same cutter as earlier cut out shapes
  • Spread some of the icing sugar paste onto the cookie, using it as glue
  • Place the cut out fondant shape on top of the cookie


Children's Dessert Table

With us nearly into school summer fair season, why not have a go and get creating. Get the kids involved and enjoy some family time,

Sadie X



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