When I first started at Slimming World early last year I walked into my first group pretty miserable and unhappy with how I looked with a real lack of confidence, like all new members I stuck religiously to the plan and the weight started to fall off, everything I ate I wrote down, I weighed all my healthy extras, had the same meals day in & day out and guess what? I became bored, old habits crept back in and life got in the way which mean’t I didn’t get the results I craved but the one thing I did do is continue going to my group every week, listening to others who were struggling like me and because of this commitment I did end the year lighter than when I had started all be it by just a few pound.

So I looked back at my food planner and the answer was there, I had big weight loses in the weeks I had enjoyed food and eaten a variety of different meals, boredom and repetitiveness was making me fail. I needed to stop looking at the whole food issue as a restrictive diet but more of a complete lifestyle change and one that when i’m in the zone, I actually really enjoy.

I’ve started the New Year with a fresh mindset, the ‘big’ shop is done, the fridge is stocked and I’m cooking and creating new recipes to try each day, so I thought I’d share some of my favourite go to recipes and tips.  The meals need to be quick as I have a busy life working full time as a baker (I know worse job in the world for a slimmer) blogging and mum to 3.

Starting with the easiest and tastiest of dishes which gives me the carb hit my body seems to crave.

Pasta Carbonara

Pasta carbonara



  • As much dried pasta shapes as you need to feel full
  • bacon, all fat trimmed off
  • mushrooms (speed food)
  • 4 laughing cow light cheese triangles (Healthy Extra A)
  • cherry tomatoes (speed food)
  • onion diced (speed food)
  • frylight


  • Cook your pasta following the instructions on the packet
  • chop the onion, bacon and mushrooms, then fry in pan using frylight until softened
  • drain the pasta reserving 1 table spoon of the liquid
  • return the pasta to the pan with the liquid and add the 4 laughing cow light triangles
  • stir until melted
  • season well and top with cherry tomatoes

Pizza Slimming World Style

slimming pizza

I simply can’t give up pizza in my life, but this actually tastes better than the takeaway pizza’s that were my absolute favourite.


  • 1 weight watchers or Bfree wrap (Healthy Extra B)
  • 2 tablespoons tomato puree
  • 40g reduced fat or 30g normal cheddar cheese (Healthy Extra A)
  • chopped onion (speed)
  • ham (protein)
  • pineapple


  • place the wrap on a baking tray
  • cover with the tomato puree
  • top with onion, ham, pineapple or any other free toppings
  • finally top with grated cheese
  • cook in a preheated oven for around 10 mins at 180c.

Loaded Jacket Skins with Balsalmic Drizzled Tomatoes

Jacket potatoes were something I ate every day for lunch, but that’s far too restrictive so these mix it up a bit and are great made in a batch, frozen or refrigerated for the next day.

loaded skins


  • 1 baking potato
  • 30g cheddar or red Leicester cheese ( I like a mix of both) healthy extra A
  • onion (speed)
  • bacon or chicken (protein)
  • cherry tomatoes (speed)
  • balsamic vinegar
  • frylight
  • salt & pepper


  • bake the potato either in the oven or microwave
  • scoop out the middle of the potato into a bowl, set a side the skins in a baking dish for later
  • season with salt & pepper
  • add onion, cooked bacon or chicken, and half the grated cheese
  • mix well and pile back into the potato skins
  • cover with the remaining grated cheese
  • cook for approx 20 mins at 180c
  • meanwhile half the cherry tomatoes, season well
  • drizzle with balsamic vinegar

Cowboy Casserole

cowboy casserole

A firm family favourite, using my slow cooker, this is THE best friend in meal prep.

Ingredients: serves 2

  • 6 slimming world sausages
  • sliced onion (speed)
  • 6 slices of bacon, all visible fat removed (protein)
  • 1 tin of chopped tomatoes (speed)
  • 1 tsp of smoky paprika
  • 2 tsp of Worcester sauce
  • sprinkling of mixed herbs
  • stock made using chicken oxo 200ml
  • 2 tablespoons tomato puree
  • tin of heinz 5 beans (speed)


  • Place all the ingredients in the slow cooker except the can of beans.
  • Put on low all day
  • 30 mins before serving add the can of beans

It really is that simple and so delicious & completely free.

Can’t Do Without Hot Chocolate

hot chocolate

This time of year, when it’s dreary and cold a hot chocolate is something I can’t do without and satisfies all sweet cravings I may be having.


  • Cadburys Highlights Milk Chocolate ( 2 syns per 11g sachet)
  • mini marshmallows (26 mini marshmallows is 12.5g = 2 syns)
  • 2 level tablespoons squirty cream (0.5 syns)

Total syns is 4.5 and so worth it. I don’t actually like cream so save 0.5 syns.


  • Make up hot chocolate according to sachet instructions
  • top with cream and marshmallows

Syn Bags

syn bags

There are certain times in the day where something comes over me and I need to pick or need a sweet hit. My answer to that is making up Syn bags. I fill with my favourite treats, clearly marking how many syns are in each, then each morning I pick my bag and leave it in my kitchen, if I need a treat I pick something from the syn bag and when its gone its gone. It stops any secret uncounted syns slipping in.

I hope you enjoy my recipes as much as I do, and huge luck with your weightloss journey, I’ll be updating you how i’m getting on too.

Sadie x

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